Kissability cassette for Fist City’s It’s 1983, Grow Up looking tasty.

Celebrating same-sex marriage day with the awesome @great_cynics at 70x7 💘💘💘

Doing a day’s work experience in Swansea with @bbcthree

Circa Waves just smashed Brixton a year after attending the NME tour as a punter. Sick.

At Waterloo Records and they’ve sold out of this on vinyl. Sucks for me, but great news for @thumpers

At Rock Box in Camberley. Love that they’ve still got this on the front door.

Huge love to @haimtheband for having me on last night’s line up. Honey pie, you nailed it x


DJing Brixton O2. NBD.

Why would they ever get rid of us lot?! #SaveBBC3